Mosaic Kit: Cementing All At Once
What you'll need
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Mosaic Tile Kit
Let’s get ready! The tiles are all shaped and the design is complete.
Prep for tape!Remove any crumbs, tiles and tools around the project.
Use masking tape. Hold the tape away from the project, rip off lengths 1 at a time. Start at edge.
Overlapping the tape slightly until the project is covered.
Press and rub each tile to secure it to the tape.
Carefully trim the edges of the tape to meet the tiles.
Gently lift off the tiles. Holding the opposite corners of the tape. Move to a clean area or tray.
Clean off any dust, tile crumbs or debris from the backerboard.
Prepare the work area. Mix thin-set cement. Have a damp towel and craft sticks ready.
Use a putty knife or craft stick to coat the backerboard with thin-set cement.
Thin set should be approximately 1/4” inch thick. It should be smooth and sticky.
Immediately lift and lay down the taped tiles into the wet cement. Check edges for alignment.
Set each tile by pressing on the tape.
Clean up any cement that squeezed out over the edges.
Wait to 2-3 hours to remove the tape!
Clean up any tools or cement immediately.
Have fun! The more you practice the better you get!
Mosaic kits are available to purchase.
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