Mosaic Kit: Finish The Project With Grout
What you'll need
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Mosaic Tile Kit
All the tiles are cemented and have set at least 24 hours.
This process is all at once. Make sure you have enough time to finish!
Good? Okay!Let’s do this. Remove any crumbs or tape.
Set up for grouting: place multiple layers of newspapers or scrap paper to protect the table.
The grout has a lot of sand, it can be dusty. Wear your mask.
Mix the grout with cold water. Add a bit at a time. Stir 5 minutes.
It should be thick and sticky like cookie dough. Runny means too much water.
Let the mixed grout sit for 10 minutes.
If any tiles are matte or heavily textured, applying masking tape makes cleanup easier.
Wear gloves and apply the grout in the center and work out.
Use pressure and smear the grout in circles to work in to all gaps.
Lift to fill the edges with grout.
As the grout dries it will begin to get a chalky appearance.
Wait until this stage to polish clean.
Use a dry towel to polish the grout from the surfaces of the tiles.
Any tape can be removed and just a bit of cleaning up is required.
Any film can be wiped off with a clean towel. Roll up newspapers and put in the trash.
Enjoy your finished piece! The more you practice the better you get.
Mosaic kits are available for purchase.
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