Mosaic Kit: Practice Using Tile Nipper Tool
What you'll need
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Practice Tile
Tile Nipper
Safety Glasses
Work Towel & Trash Can
Mosaic Tile Kit
Set up before you practice. Nip over a towel, it collects the sharp shards. Wear safety glasses.
Hold the tool at the base of the handle. This will reduced hand fatigue.
The tool is right or left handed. Face the round part of the tool towards the tile.
Tile nips do not cut, they break. Use a safe hand position to hold the tile so pieces don’t fly off.
Place the nippers just at the edge of the tile to break.
NEVER touch fingers over the broken edge.If you see slivers, rub on the back of another tile.
This is NOT correct. The tile nippers will not work if the tile is fully inside the jaws.
Sometimes it breaks how you want, but not always! Use the tool to nibble the tile to shape it.
Practice holding the tile in the nips at different angles to make the shape you want.
Usually the tile will break parallel to the edge of the nipper.
If the spring falls out, no problem! It’s held by tension, just put it back on the handle.
Keep practicing making shapes.
To clean up: save any tile off the work towel. Pick up the towel and shake crumps into the trash.
Shake the broken tiles in a pan or container. This allows the sharp crumbs to fall off.
Now you’ve practiced, start thinking about the design! The more you practice the better you get!
Mosaic kits are available to order.
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