Mosaic Kit: Set Up A Workspace
What you'll need
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Flat Work Area
Newspaper Or Large Paper Bag
Work Towel
Trash Bag Or Trash Can
Mosaic Tile Kit
Start by clearing a flat area. Spread newspaper or a large paper bag to cover the area.
When practicing and working with tiles and the nippers, it creates sharp crumbs.
Lay out a towel on the work area. Keep it under the nippers as you work to collect sharp debris.
When there’s a lot of tile debris: remove usable tiles from the towel and carefully fold.
Gently shake the towel over a trash bag to remove the tile dust and crumbs.
Replace the towel under your nipping area and continue working. Repeat as necessary.
As you move from practice to creating a design, continue to nip and shape over the towel.
A clean & careful space will keep you safe! Have fun! The more you practice the better you get!
Mosaic kits are available to order!
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