Multi Pastel French Tips Using Perfect Dip πŸ’œ
What you'll need
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Artistic Perfect Dip
Prep nails. Apply Artistic Perfect Dip Prep to the entire nails.
Apply Basecoat to the entire nail and dip the tip of your nail into a dish with your chosen colour.
Reapply your Basecoat over the entire nail and redip into your powder. Tap excess powder off.
Apply Activator to the entire nail and brush off any excess powder. Reapply your activator.
Buff over the top of the nail to smooth it and file any rough edges.
Dust off any excess dust and wipe over with a clean lint free wipe.
Apply 2 coats of Top Coat and let air dry. Alternatively, apply a gel Top Coat and cure.
Apply DadiOil cuticle oil to all the cuticles and rehydrate the surrounding skin.
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