Must See Places In Oahu, Hawaiโ€™i ๐Ÿ
Polynesian Cultural Center. A must see! History and cultural experience of all different Polynesian islands/cultures.
Waikiki Beach. Surrounded by 5-Star luxury resorts, and the most touristy beach with clear blue waters.
Pill Box Hike. A moderate to hard hike uphill with gorgeous overview of Lanakai beach and islands.
National Memorial Cemetery of Pacific. A war memorial for US soldiers who served in both World Wars and Korean and Vietnam war.
Tantalus. Spot overlooking Honolulu including Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach and other areas. Best for sunsets.
Pearl Harbor. USS Arizona memorial can be found there too. Infamous WWII army base Japanese attacked and resulted in US entrance in the war.
Hanauma Bay. Famous Hawaiโ€™i snorkeling beach preserved for its famous coral. Itโ€™s an easy snorkeling area for all ages.
Koko Head district park. A crater with a tram and hike to the lookout. An extremely steep climb to the overlook.
Lanakai Beach. A beautiful clear water beach with islands visible in the distance. Boogie board shops are nearby for rentals for beach activities.
Kualoa Ranch. Infamous acres of land with multiple film locations. Activities incl. horse riding tours and ATV/UTV tours.
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