Must Visit Places In Canada: The Badlands Of Drumheller
Would you have guessed this unique place was is Canada? Well it is right here in Alberta!
Drumheller is such a unique place and it’s known as the dinosaur capital of the world!
It’s fun to just roam around exploring the unique landscape, imagining this is where dinosaurs used to roam 🦖
Start you day off by visiting the hoodoos. There are all sorts of unique rock formations here that make you feel like you’re on a different planet
Aren’t they incredible looking?
You’ll also want to visit Drumheller’s tiny church while you’re there. It only fits 6 people!
And have drinks at the Long Branch Saloon. It looks like it’s right out of a western movie!
Now it’s time to take a road trip from Drumheller to Dinosaur Provincial Park. It’s only an hour away and there are more things to see along the way!
Stop at the Last Chance Saloon on your way. It’s a pretty famous spot here!
And you’ll also spot these old cars just down the street from it. They’re a neat spot to stop for photos.
Your last stop will be the little ghost town of Dorothy. There’s a lot of neat old buildings to see here!
The abandoned buildings there are super neat to explore
Finally you’ll arrive at dinosaur provincial park. You’ll find all sorts of neat hiking trails and landscapes here
I hope this guide convinced you to add Drumheller to your bucket list! For more travel follow me on IG @kirstenwendlandt
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