My Daughter’s Full Wash Day Routine. Stay Tune With Me.
Here I am mixing one egg with a little bit of cinnamon powder.Those two ingredients are really good for hair growth and they help to keep hair healthy
Then, I take the leftover of my black rice mixture, put it together with the egg.
Afterwards, I added honey to it for it is really beneficial for your hair. It keeps hair shine, strong and healthy.
Now, I am getting my daughter’s hair ready by spraying the pre-poo treatment on her 2 weeks of protective style.
I am giving her hair some scalp massage to help the treatment and the oil to penetrate her hair and scalp. Then I’ll proceed to take her hair out.
The is literally the amount of hair that come out after 2 weeks of protective style.
There, I am applying the Deep Conditioning treatment.
I had first parted the hair in 4 in order to apply this Deep Conditioning treatment.
I am done applying the Deep Conditioning made with: black rice, egg, cinnamon powder, honey, horsetail herbs, and Essential Oils.
I wrap her hair with a plastic bag then I put shower cap over it and a bonnet. I’ll leave it covered for about 30 minutes before wash her hair.
Look at that!😍 Her hair looks soft, healthy and curly. She admires seeing her hair looking like that☺️
😃😃look at that she is so happy, giving her hair some massage as well.
Try this Deep Conditioning treatment on your hair or your daughter’s hair you won’t regret it at all. It will keep your hair strong, shine, healthy.
You’ll be able to retain your length, see new hair growth every month.
This Deep Conditioning treatment, combined with the wash hair routine is really beneficial to my daughter’s hair. It works wonder on her hair.
My daughter’s hair use to be very thin. It has stopped to grow for a while, then when I started to take care of it properly, I see marvelous results
This is a Living Conditioning Spray that I am getting ready using aloe verra gel.
With my wooden spoon, I am extracting the juice from the Aloe Verra.
This Tea Tree Oil is 99% as you can see because it is mixed with some other essential oil already. It is safe to use.
I added one of this little spoon of MSM powder and a little bit of biotin powder. Those powder are really good in therm of growing hair.
I add some Apple Cider Vinegar and Peppermint Oil drops to reinforce the Livibg Conditioner.
There you go! It is ready y’all. I’ll be using it on my daughter’s hair 2 to 3 times a week.
Hair is washed and cleaned. These are my DIY products:the Living Conditioner, Hair butter, Vegy’shair.I’ll tell you about this oil.It’s a blessing oil
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