My Go-To Glute Activation Warm Up Routine 🍑🔥
Intro: Glute activation is so important before you workout. Not only to prevent injury but to grow that booty 🍑 optional: use a RB for the extra burn
First two are pretty standard: the fire hydrant & donkey kicks. 10 reps each leg for 3 rounds
Donkey kicks. 10 reps each leg for 3 rounds
Crab walks - 20 reps for 2 rounds. Each step equal one rep
Back on the floor. Glute bridges with hip abduction - 10 reps for 2 rounds
For an extra added challenge if you’re feeling up for it: get your HR up and do 10 reps on jumping squats for 2 rounds —>
Jumping squats. A great way to finish and get your heart rate up.
Try it out! It’s a been game changer for strengthening my glutes and feeling a much more significant burn before I start my actual workout🙌🏼
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