Negative Nature Block Art
Supplies - Block of Wood, Faux Greenery + Grasses, Martha Stewart Spray Paints, Masking Tape
Start by taping off the edges of your wood block.
Trim up faux greenery pieces and decide upon your nature layout scene.
Add a light coat of Green Olive spray paint over top of the plants.
Allow the green paint to dry.
Next add Wedding Cake white to the top right + bottom left corners.
Once dry, spray paint Wild Salmon through the center of your artwork.
You will see a lovely ombré look with your paints.
Press your spray paint can nozzle down half way to create colorful splotches on your art.
Lift off the faux plants + remove your masking tape along the edges of your board.
Enjoy your new block art in your home setting on a nightstand...
or hanging on the wall!
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