Neurographic Drawing (adapted from Piskarev)
What you'll need
Drawing Paper Or Sketchbook
Sharpie Pen Or Black Marker
Watercolors Or Coloring Materials
On the back of your paper, write a worry, stressor, or challenge that’s on your mind in pencil.
Flip your paper over. While thinking about what you wrote, slowly scribble on your paper in sharpi.
Move your arm freely and fill up the whole paper.
Round out your lines that are crossing. Draw a forwards or backwards “C” curve and fill it in.
When you’re all done rounding your corners, check your work to make sure you didn’t miss any!
All of your lines should now look like rounded shapes!
Paint or add color to your drawing. Make sure to fill up the whole page with color.
Take your time, enjoy this project and have fun!
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