Nine Travel Safety Tips For First Time Solo Travellers!
Keep valuables safe & hidden: the key reason for this is that many tourist areas will have pickpockets and petty theft may be common.
Avoid travelling at night: This may be especially intimidating for female travellers, especially in a foreign area. Arrange a taxi when uncomfortable.
Learn emergency phrases: being able to tell a local that there is an emergency is essential! There are so many apps & books for this purpose.
Stay alert and look happy: even when you feel a little lost, don’t let your facial expressions deliver that! Vulnerable people may be an easy target.
Make copies of your travel documents: if you lose an important document like your passport or visa, local authorities will often ask for copies.
Kee emergency numbers in a phone book: in case of your phone ever getting lost, adopt the old school method of storing emergency numbers in a diary.
Don’t let music distract you: it’s easy to get lost looking at scenic views while listening to music on public transport. Don’t let it distract you!
Avoid deserted areas: this one is a no brainier but after a certain time, avoid silent streets and opt for vibrant, crowded areas. It’s safer.
And last but not the least, make friends with locals: they’ll help you with the language barrier, share local secrets and become lifelong allies! 🥰
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