No Need To Stand With These 4 Kettlebell Exercises
This workout doesn't even require you to stand up! Complete 3-4 rounds of the 4 exercise circuit taking 20-30 seconds rest between each
When doing the tall kneeling position, make sure to tuck your toes into the floor, keep your core and glutes engage and your knees under your hips
When doing the Half Kneeling position make sure your back toe is tucked, both your knees are bent 90 degrees and parallel to your hips
Half Kneeling Alternating Halo's 8x each way
Half Kneeling Single Arm High Pull 8x each side
Tall Kneeling Bottom Up Curl to Press 10x
Tall Kneeling Overhead Kettlebell Press 10x
Thanks for kneeling with us!
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