Off-Ice Rotation And Height Drills For Figure Skaters ⛸
1/4 turn jump rotations: your jump direction. Push off the balls of your feet and focus on height and softness in your knees & feet as you land.
1/4 turn jump rotations: opposite jumping direction. Focus is on height, control, and balance as you navigate the other way!
Tip: take off and land in a squared parallel position making sure to keep a softness in your knees and feet
1/2 turn jump rotations: your jumping direction. Focus on pulling your arms in as you would an on-ice jump & pushing through the balls of your feet.
1/2 turn jump rotations: opposite direction. Focus on keeping strong through your core to maintain balance. Keep shoulders square as you pull in.
Full turn jump rotations: your jumping direction. Focus on quickness of rotation, height, and soft landing into a parallel position.
Full turn rotations: opposite direction. Focus is to keep centered as you pull in. Maintain control throughout the rotation and softly land.
Tip: pull in and up through your belly button. Maintain control over your center as you rotate
Extend into the air through the balls of your feet. Most importantly, have fun!
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