10 On Ice Warm Up Ideas
Stroking. This is a super simple exercise to warm up your knees and ankles.
Not sure what this is called but I like using it to get into my knees and edges
Inside edge. These can be done smaller and deeper, or on a bigger pattern.
Outside edges. Again there a few different ways to execute the pattern of this exercise.
Forward swizzles with a stretch and a hold. This is a great one to stretch out your back and legs.
Backward swizzles with a stretch and a hold.
Power pulls forward and backward. This one can help you to feel your edges better and “get your feet under you”
Crossrolls forward and backward. I enjoy doing this one to challenge my edges and posture.
This one is one of my favorites! Choctaw, cross behind, back 3 turn cross behind
Lastly, rocker power pulls. The one can take a little bit of thinking but is an awesome exercise to warm up your rockers.
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