One day in Cairo Egypt
Sharm El Shiekh to Cairo by air
Flight time 1hr 1 min.
Air lines have wierd name, Petrolium Air Service (PAS).
I spotted a Tajmahal in Sinai.
Red sea is blue
Cairo from car window.
In front of Egyptian Museum, Near Tahrir Square.
Museum is full of artifacts related to Pharaohs
Mummy Returns.
We made unscheduled Nile tour, costs extra.
Our team consist of Bangladeshis and Indians.
West bank of Nile at Cairo.
Papyrus Museum, some canvas shines when light turned off.
They sell and tell.
4 hours in Pyramid area. Good Enough.
Building Pyramids was not that much hard.
Face to Face with the oldest face, Sphinx
first of three great Pyramids.
Boat museum, it was found intact just few decades ago.
Perfume shop, they have all ingredients of Chanel, Christian Dior, Coco...
Good bye Al kahira (Cairo).
Good Bye Your Excellency Pharoah.