Paint Gold Sequins In Watercolor
What you'll need
Masking Fluid (my fave is Pebeo Drawing Gum but you can choose any brand)
Finetec Metallic Watercolors
Sea Sponge
Rubber Cement Pickup
Reserve the brightest sequin spots with masking fluid, using an old brush.
Apply an even base layer with the Finetec metallic gold.
Layer on shades of gold to create interest. (Mix Finetec w/regular watercolor for different golds)
Apply light copper where the sequins reflect her skin tone.
Scatter metallic dots to create sequin texture, getting darker as you go. DON’T paint every sequin.
Use a dampened sea sponge dipped in black to apply all over texture, then smooth a bit with a brush.
Use the rubber cement pickup to rub off the masking fluid. The sequins will look super shiny.
And we’re finished! Thanks for watching!
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