Paper Doily Santa - Kid Craft Idea
Supplies: white paper doily, craft paint, cardstock paper, scissors, wiggle eyes, large red pom pom and school glue
First cut out a large triangle from the red cardstock. This will be Santa’s body and his hat.
Next glue the red triangle to a sheet of green cardstock.
Now glue the paper doily in the center of it all.
Next, go ahead and paint in Santa’s face in the center of the paper doily.
Follow that up by gluing down the wiggle eyes and pom pom nose.
Now we are going to work on his belt. Cut out a thin rectangle from the black cardstock and glue it down on his belly.
The last step is to cut out a square buckle from the gold cardstock. Glue that down as well.
Allow your Santa piece to dry completely before you display it proudly for all to see!
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