Paper Plate Alien Spaceship Craft For Kids
Supplies: 2 paper plates, stapler, scissors, yarn, pony beads, markers, silver paint, “paint brush”, Elmer’s glue
Cut a half circle along the inside indentation of one of your plates. Fold that half circle up.
Punch a hole in each side.
Sandwich your plates together with the fronts facing each other. Then staple around the outside edge.
Place the UFO on some newspaper. Form a “paint brush” by pinching the pompom with the clothespin. Paint the spaceship silver, except the flap.
Draw the UFO cockpit, including drawing on the alien pilot.
Glue some pony beads on the outside edge of the spaceship for some “lights”.
Cut a piece of yarn about 2 yards long. Feed 1 end through the holes on a side, lace on beads, and tie a loop. Repeat on the other side.
Make your spaceship fly by pulling both strings at the same time. Head to for more kids’ craft ideas!
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