Paper Pop Up: HEMS 3rd Grade Day 1 Layer
From the portfolio, you will need: index cards,pencil and scissors.
Take one index card. Carefully fold it in half. Line up the corners and crease the fold.
Turn the card so the folded edge is facing you.
Estimate where the center of the card is. Mark the center of the card with a pencil.
Draw two parallel lines. The lines need to be below the center mark. Check to see if the folded edge is still towards you.
With the folded edge towards you, use scissors to cut a slit in the card. Cut on each line.
Fold the center flap of card up.
Now crease the fold. Fold it backwards and crease it. Repeat this back and forth a few times.
Try using the handle of the scissors to crease the fold.
Open the card about half way...push the folded layer in.
Open the card and you have a layer pop up.
Have fun! The more you practice the better you get!
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