Paper Pop Up: HEMS 3rd Grade Zigzag Fold Part 1
Materials: Templates or heavy paper, scissors, glue stick, ruler and paper clip and collage materials.
When it’s glued together, the pop up page will look like this.
Let’s start by making a base page! Fold the grid paper (or one sheet of paper) in half and crease it well.
This is the zigzag template. You can also easily make your own.
Use a ruler and a paper clip to score the dashed lines. Cut the template or paper in half vertically.
Fold the template in half on the center dashed line.
Cut out the section with the solid black line and the words zigzag fold. Keep it folded in half.
Fold one open edge back and crease it. Turn over and fold the other edge back to the center and crease it well.
The zigzag should look like this. If you don’t have a template, you can make it by having 2 glueing tabs on each side of a folded half sheet.
Before it’s attached- it’s much easier to decorate it first!
On one side it looks like a W, let’s make it the outside. On the other side it looks like a M, let’s make it the inside.
Decorate the zigzag template. Think about what is outside and what is inside. Use whatever resources you have!
Have fun! The more you practice the better you get!
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