Paper Pop Up: HEMS 3rd Grade Zigzag Part 2
Learn how to attach a zigzag fold to a base page and make it pop!
Have a folded base page. Or make one with a paper folded in half.
This demo is plain to show the directions. The zigzag fold should be facing you with the tabs forward.
It will look like a W before it’s flat. Test it out like this. The open flap of the zigzag must be facing the edge of the card. Peek inside to check.
Now it’s time to make it pop! Grab a glue stick! Add glue to the tab that is facing out. Hold the zigzag in place and close the card and press.
Be patient and let the glue have 20+ seconds to set! Open the card and add glue to the tab that is now on top. Close the card and press.
Now it’s pop up time!
The base page can have decorations too! Add artwork to the base page.
Have fun! The more you practice the better you get!
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