Paper Summer Fan
Scissors, Glue, 5 Sheets Of Paper (if You Don’t Have Color Paper Then Use White Paper And Color Them With Markers, Crayons Or Color Pencils.)
Line up 3 of the papers. On the long side make 1 inch folds, flipping them over after each fold.
Use your scissors trim in a circular motion to round off the edges.
Separate the 3 sheets of paper and fold each of them down the middle into “V” shapes.
Glue together the center of the “V” shape on each of the papers. Apply pressure for 1 minute.
Apply glue to one side of each paper to glue them all together. Apply pressure for 1 minute.
On the long side of the paper roll each of your remaining sheets tightly. Apply glue to the end.
Glue the long sticks you just rolled to each side of fan. Closed side on top, open side on bottom.
Voila! Stay cool!☀️😎