Paris Vacation Guide
Visit the Moulin Rouge or snap a pic outside like I did if you can’t afford their dinner & show
Get dinner at Cafe Luna ~ one of my favorite restaurants in Paris! Make sure to drink Orangina!
Visit the Montmartre and check out the chapel inside. Walk around the park for great city views
Walk around and enjoy the Parisian neighborhoods and streets. Take pics but be mindful of residents
Stop by the Notre Dame site (taken in 2017 before the fire) & see its reconstruction progress
Find the Love Wall and walk around the garden! The wall has “I love you” in different languages
Make sure you catch the Eiffel Tower light show! It sparkles every hour on the hour for five minutes
Visit the Eiffel Tower from Trocadero and go to the top if you can . Take an elevator or climb up
Walk along the Seine River and along the intricate bridges that Paris has to offer
Take a boat tour on the Seine River! Make sure you go during the day and at night if you can
Visit the Louvre Museum. You need at least a full day to enjoy it all! Check out others like D’Orsay
Go to a French bakery, grab a baguette or croissant and roam the streets of Paris
Stop by Paris Disneyland. Much smaller but has similar rides and feels nostalgic. Find the dragon
Visit the Catacombs of Paris. You can walk for miles in them. It’s scary but worth it. Go at night!
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