Pasta Shapes & When to Use Them
Did you know there’s over 50 different types of pasta? Here are 10 popular ones and the sauces that complement them the best!
Bucatini Pasta: thick noodles (much like spaghetti) with a hole running through the center. This pasta is perfect with tomato sauce or in stir fry!
Egg Noodles: noodles that are made with more eggs than flour! These noodles are amazing in soups, stews, and stroganoff.
Angel Hair Pasta: long thin noodles that are finer than regular spaghetti. This pasta is best used in creamy or delicate sauces.
Ravioli: pockets of pasta enclosed with various fillings. They are traditionally served with a lighter sauce or broth.
Gnocchi: Italian pasta dumplings. They are best served with herb and tomato sauces.
Penne: cylindrical pasta with a hollow center. Penne pasta should be used with thick sauces like ragu!
Farfalle: bow tie shaped pasta noodles. This pasta is best complemented by pesto, butter/oil, or tomato sauce.
Orzo: rice-shaped noodles. Orzo are special because they are served both cold and hot! They are delicious baked, in soups, or in salads.
Rigatoni: tube shaped pasta that are longer than penne. This pasta goes best with tomato sauce, meat sauce, or baked.
Rotini: short, spiral-shaped pasta. This pasta is best made with chunky tomato sauce or in a pasta salad.
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