Paul Klee Inspired Value Study
What you'll need
Drawing Paper
Color Markers
Black Marker
Paul Klee was a famous Swiss-German artist influenced by Expressionism, Cubism & Surrealism.
“Once Emerged from the Grey of Night”is one of his most famous paintings.
Today, you’ll use the Art Element of VALUE to create a masterpiece inspired by Artist Paul Klee.
VALUE can be described as the “lightness”(TINTS) or “darkness”(SHADES) of a color.
Begin with drawing vertical lines across your paper.
Next, draw horizontal lines across your paper to finish the grid.
Use this Alphabet guide for the next step.
Begin filling the grid squares in with the letters of your name (or other words of your choice).
Make sure to extend each letter to completely fill up every grid square.
Remember to follow this Alphabet guide as you form your letter shapes!
Use marker to color in the first section of some of your letters. This will be your darkest SHADE.
With crayon, lightly color another section of the same letters, making a medium TINT of the color.
Repeat the same steps for your next color. Marker=darkest SHADE & Crayon=lighter TINT
Continue adding more colors, repeating them in Marker(SHADES) & Crayon(TINTS).
Voila! Notice the light, medium & dark VALUE of all the different colors!
We hope you enjoyed creating today’s value study project! -Ms. R & Ms. T ❤️🧡💛💚💙🖤🤍🤎
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