Pencil: Drawing A Simple Setting K-5
1st draw your horizon line- ALL the way across your page. Touch each side with your pencil.
Drawing outside: Leave space to add people. Is it day or night? What is the weather or season?
Overlap objects by: drawing lightly, draw on top, then erase. OR We can “jump and bump a line.”
Add people where you want, and use your eraser as needed.
If your setting is Inside (interiors). Start with a line to show where the wall and floor meet.
It can be low or high. How much room do you need to show your setting?
It can show a corner too. Lightly draw each line at an angle. Lines must touch the side of the page.
Think about what objects you’ll add to your interior on top of your wall lines and erase! Voila!
Add your people, pets and smaller items to complete your pencil drawing.
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