Peperomia Plant Care + Tips
Learn the best Plant Care tips to grow healthy plants! From the best water amounts to it’s ideal light. This plant is a great indoor option.
Sometimes the Peperomia plant is called a Baby Rubber Plant because of it’s thick upright stems and big glossy, oversized leaves. 
Peperomia like a weekly watering, allowing their soil to dry out before watering again.
Typically, Peperomia will droop or their leaves will curl to show that it needs more water. Do not overwater as this will encourage root rot.
Peperomia do not like lots of sun or lots of dark, so if you have a location that gets moderate indirect light, that is ideal for them.
If you notice your leaves are turning brown, you might be under watering your plant or your plant might have a potassium deficiency.
If your peperomia leaves are drooping, you might be under watering your plant.  Trying watering more deeply each week.
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