Picking the Right Kitchen Barstools
Learn key components to decide for the best height, style and material for your kitchen island.
HEIGHT - Counter stools fit under a 36″ high counter and barstools fit comfortably under 42″ high countertops.
BACKS - Backless has a more modern look but, if you are using the chairs for a functional purpose, having a seated back is ideal.
CUSHIONS - Selecting a barstool with a cushion is a comfort choice, as well as how clean your family can be with them.
CHAIR FINISH - Think about the other finishes in your space including cabinets, flooring, knobs and even the decor you currently have in the room.
QUANTITY- Give about 26 to 30 inches between the centers of each barstool. That translates into about one stool per 2- 2 1/2 feet.