Picturesque Hikes in Smoky Mountain National Park
Chimney Rock Trail
There are lots of beautiful glens with wildflowers, as well as stone formations and creeks, along the 4 mile roundtrip trail
You will get your heart racing on the stone stairs as you climb to higher elevations! The elevation gain is pretty rapid toward the end
After all the stairs, you’re rewarded with a panoramic view of Chimney Rock
Alum Cave Trail
The 4 mile rountrip trail follows a river as you draw closer to the cave
At some points, the water is rapidly moving over large boulders, and at some, it is barely trickling by in a stream
The sound of moving water makes the hike as peaceful as it is beautiful
As you draw closer to the cave, you begin to climb rock formations as you ascend
Right before you reach the cave, you have a 360° view of the surrounding mountains
From the cave, you can continue on for another ~10 miles to summit Mt. LeConte, or turn back around
Trillium Gap Trail to Grotto Falls
The trail starts out pretty flat in a densely forested area
Over a ~2 mile trail, you’re lead past many small waterfalls to Grotto Falls, this tucked-away waterfall
The trail continues past the falls with further beautiful views and scenery as the elevation grows, and eventually can lead you to summit Mt. LeConte
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