Pink Cut Crease, With Tips For A Full Coverage Base
I love to conceal before I put on my foundation to hide all the hyperpigmentation on my face. I also set my face with loose powder after I prime.
If you find that a foundation is too light for you, go in with a darker shade around the perimeter of your face to get a better gradient.
I always like to apply my contour first and blend it out. The Fenty beauty concealer is a great concealer to have!
I make sure to layer my concealers, so that my bright concealer doesn’t seem to harsh on my darker skin, you always want a seamless blend.
I blend this out With my sponge, if you let it dry down a little bit it will give you more coverage!
Setting with a colourless powder first is really nice to set your concealer as it doesn’t change the colour of your concealer .
For the eyes, I’m doing a pink cut crease, go in with a warm brown shade and apply in your crease, in a crescent shape
Blend this out with an orange shade to buff out the edges of your brown shade.
Take the black shade in palette to deepen the crease. Don’t be afraid to go back and forth between the colours.
Cut your crease using a concealer then apply your lid colour.
I applied my lashes off camera, but you can just use mascara to complete the look, eyelashes just make it extra dramatic.
For your under eyes a great tip is to use a lighter pressed powder to set your under eye.
There we have it the final look. What do you think?
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