Pink Grapefruit & Spicy Thyme Paloma
Have you ever had a Paloma? Similar to the classic margarita, but without the orange liqueur!
Juicy, sweet, & herbaceous! This grapefruit Paloma is a little spicy from a homemade simple syrup!
Watch the Making of the Pink Paloma with Spicy Thyme Simple Syrup!
An easy cocktail to make for a crowd! I use vanilla tinged aged tequila, my favorite for cocktails!
Double the recipe to make 2 portions in one shaker!
Get creative with the garnish!
Stay Tuned for the Step-by-Step Recipe!
Grab a small pot and add sugar, water, grapefruit rind, fresh thyme, & Fresno chili.
The fresh thyme combined with the grapefruit rind accentuates the sweetness!
Bring to a boil & let simmer for 5 minutes. Discard the herbs, rind, & pepper. Refrigerate.
Let’s make a cocktail! Add pink grapefruit & lime juice to a shaker. Next, some Anéjo tequila.
Add the spicy thyme simple syrup & ice to the shaker. Vigorously shake until cold, then strain.
Add a splash of soda water & garnish!
Fresh pink grapefruit wheels, flowers, & grapefruit rind work beautifully!
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