10 Places That Will Make Your Jaw Drop
SINGAPORE! This place is spectacular for being so small. The infrastructure is expansive & it’s a common place for expats. This pool in the sky is 😍.
IRELAND! There’s nothing like a road trip through the beautiful country side and partaking in a fun night at the pub with live music.
NEW YORK! There is truly nothing like this city. It brings together so many cultures. Wherever I am in the world I always think of NY!
JOSHUA TREE! There is something so incredibly peaceful about this place. It almost feels like you’re on another planet.
MEXICO! This place is glorified for its beaches & lively culture but the ancient Mayan Ruins are really something special.
ICELAND! This island is one of a kind with waterfalls and even a wrecked airplane. The feeling of adventure is unprecedented.
THAILAND! What a vibrant place filled with so much beauty. It feels like everywhere you turn you witness something unique.
SPAIN! This country makes you want to dance in the streets and drink sangria all day long! Bright colors are everywhere!
PRAGUE! It feels like you’re walking around a story book with the castles and gingerbread cookies and bridges.
PERU! Nature really shows off. The mountains and Machu Picchu will have your jaw to the floor. It’s like heaven on Earth.
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