9 Places To Shoot Photos in DUMBO Brooklyn
The rainbow wall located at the corner of York St + Washington St.
Love this striped ombré orange area of the wall!
There’s also a nice blue area, seen here!
Head down Washington St towards the water and you’ll see this gorgeous bridge view!
The Empire State Building is perfectly framed below the Manhattan Bridge if you get the right angle!
Love the cobblestone and Brooklyn bridge view here! This is Plymouth St between Washington + Adams.
Head to Empire Stores and go all the way up the outdoor stairs to find this incredible view!
You’ll also find these cool brick archways on the way up!
This was taken on the path in the park right in front of the West Elm building. So pretty in Fall!
Here’s another shot taken there, in summertime.
Head to the water to walk the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade for waterside views of downtown Manhattan.
And of course walking across the actual Brooklyn Bridge is a great place for pics!
A popular spot is closer to the arch, you can take a cute photo sitting on the edge!
A less crowded option is walking across the Manhattan bridge. You can enter near Jay St + Sands St.
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