Poplar Bentwood Lamp
What you'll need
Poplar 1” x 4” x 6’L
Wood Glue
Painters Tape
Wall Mount Light
Radial Arm Saw Or Other Circular Saw
Kerf Bending is done by cutting mostly through hardwood so it bends, then glueing in place.
Mark a reference line to space cuts evenly. I used 1/2” on center for about an 180 degree bend.
Set the depth of cut to leave around 3/32” or so. You want to use hardwood not softwood.
I made a couple test pieces before the final.
I bent the wood before applying glue; This made it hard to properly spread into kerfs.
If you can be patient, WAIT to bend until you’ve applied glue (epoxy is another option I will try).
Set on saw horses, apply glue, tape to hold in place, apply weights as needed.
Figure out how to mount your lamp. I got some flat brackets and offset them with washers.
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