Popsicle Stick Turkey - Kid Craft Idea
Supplies: popsicle sticks, cardstock, scissors, glue, marker and wiggle eyes
First glue THREE popsicle sticks together in a triangle formation. Set it aside to allow it to dry.
Next fold a piece of paper in half and trace your child's hand on it.
Trim out the traced design to make a set of turkey feathers.
Out of the remaining cardstock, cut out a circle head, triangle body and some legs for the turkey.
Glue the triangle and handprint cutout pieces to the back of the popsicle stick shape.
Follow that up with the remaining pieces on the front.
The final step is to add wiggle eyes so the turkey can see.
Allow it to dry completely before you display your turkey friend proudly for all to see!
Don't forget to share pictures with us afterwards!
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