8 Popular Stops On A South Dakota Road Trip
Custer State Park is a wildlife reserve in the Black Hills of South Dakota famous for its bison herds...
Needles Highway has several cool tunnels located along its 14-mile scenic route through Custer State Park
The Memorial for Crazy Horse is located in the Black Hills and is still a work in progress after many decades
Mount Rushmore is located in the Black Hills in Keystone, SD...
Featuring the 60-foot heads of Washington, Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and Lincoln...
They represent the nation's birth,growth, development, and preservation.
The memorial park covers over 1200 acres filled with much wildlife.
Next stop Wall Drug..there will be a roadsign or two...or ten.. leading you there...
This popular conglomerate of shops and eateries...
Has turned into a popular roadside attraction with all the quirky extras throughout its vast expanse.
Badlands National Park is in southwest SD and is filled with beautiful geologic deposits and rich fossil beds...
"Dances with Wolves" (1990) was partially filmed in the Badlands National Park.
1880s town is near Murdo SD and has over 30 authentically furnished vintage buildings
Grab a meal in the 50s Train Diner at 1880s Town....
And experience how the Santa Fe train passengers ate in the dining car.
The Pioneer Auto Show is a museum in Murdo,SD that was featured on American Pickers...
There are tons of antiques, vehicles and memorabilia to walk around for hours.
The Ingalls homestead in Desmet SD is where the author of Little House on the Prairie grew up.
There is an old schoolhouse near the homestead where the Ingalls children attended in the 1800s.
Put on some old fashioned clothing and participate in a class. Make sure you obey your teacher.
Enjoy your road trip stops through scenic South Dakota!
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