Positive And Negative Shapes
The artist MC Escher is quite famous for his graphic art.
He was a Dutch artist who made mathematically inspired art.
Sometimes his artwork portrays the impossible.
He also portrayed himself in some of his artwork.
He is famous for creating many tessellations.
This tessellation uses positive and negative space.
Positive and negative space can be reversed in artwork.
It can also create an optical illusion.
Ozzie is the positive shape and the background is the negative shape.
Today you are going to create a drawing using positive and negative shape.
These are the supplies that you will need.
Begin by drawing a square medium to large in size on your paper.
Then add a moth, butterfly, or bee half in and half out of the square on the right side.
Add another bee or butterfly on the left side of your square.
Add a vine with leaves running through the top and bottom of the square.
Color the inside of the square in black leaving the shape of the drawings white.
Outside of the square, color in the positive shapes of your items with black.
Please show me your artwork.
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