Pouring Concrete Into Lego: Castle Feeders
Concrete will stick to the bumpy parts of the Legos. Use flat tiles where they will come in contact
Build the mold upside down and do the negative space.
Use Quikrete 5000. You only need to add water.
Press concrete down to the corners of the mold. It is important to tap and vibrate aggressively
Let concrete cure for 48 hours. Use needle nose pliers if needed
To clean dirty bricks, place them in mesh laundry bag then another larger bag over that
Throw the whole bag into the washing machine. Set it on cold and add a cup of bleach and detergent
These castles double as a feeder for Gary the chipmunk. For more details visit Homemade-Modern.com
What you'll need
Quikrete 5000 Concrete Mix
LEGO Bricks
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