6 Power Moves for (Really) Strong Legs
Let's start with a big, deep breath into the belly
20 Squat Jacks- turn out the feet and sit low as you jump into your squat
20 Sum Squat Pulses- legs wide, toes turned out, feel the booty burn!
Alternating Cross Body Foot Tap- you don't have to touch your foot or bounce. Move at your pace.
20 Crab Walks- step, together, step, touch. Stay low in your squat and focus on your steps
20 Standing Lateral Leg Raises- hold on to something to balance if you need to. Control your leg!
And 20 on the other leg! Breathe.
Lightly tap your fists up and down your legs and booty to ease the burn. Not too rough/hard!
Alternating Squat Step Out- take a smaller step, keep your toes facing forward and sit low
Bring it home with one last deep breath- biggest breath of your day so far!
Thank you for moving with me🥨 Stay tuned for more workouts!
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