Preschool Valentine's Airdry Clay Hearts
Gather your materials: airdry clay & cookie cutters are from Target. Rolling pin & dough scraper from our kitchen. A cup of water & scrap wood.
Scoop a small amount of clay & roll on your wood surface. Add more if needed . This step was easy enough for my 4 year old.
Rolling and cutting the heart shapes in action! Here you can see about how thick we made our hearts.
We had a cup of water nearby to soften the clay & make it easier to work with. The dough scraper was good to move the shapes from the board.
While my little one continued to get messy with clay & water, I used an old mechanical pencil to poke holes in the hearts.
We let the hearts dry for about two days per product instructions. Once dry, we used acrylic paints in different shades. Spray paint is also good.
Here are the hearts dry, painted & ready to use. I tied fishing line to some for hanging ornaments. Others I used as gift tags.
I bought flowers for neighbors & used the heart as a gift tag. On the back I wrote a to and from. Other hearts were shipped to our out of state fam.
Thanks for watching! Hope our clay Valentine project inspired you!
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