Pressing Flowers: How To & Tips
Fresh Flowers
Kitchen Roll
Thick Books
Choose flowers/leaves that are fresh and in bloom
You can use garden flowers or bought flowers
Garden flowers: Ideally, pick your flowers mid-morning, making sure they are not damp
Garden flowers: Carefully cut the stem with scissors below your desired length
For bought flowers, cut off any wet stem
If you do notice any water droplets, gently dab with kitchen roll
Now, you may like to completely remove the stem to leave a flower head or leave a little stem shown
If you’d like to press petals, gently pick them from the flower’s centre (starting underneath)
Choose a thick book (ideally hardback) with standard paper pages (not laminated)
Choose a page towards the back of the book and carefully place down your flower/s near the crease
(Ideally, press flowers of similar thickness on the same page. If they vary, add to another book)
Place flowers face down, leaving plenty of space between each flower
You may like to position your flower based on the angle they will be pressed
Close your book slowly, making sure no parts of the flower/stem are sticking out of the book
Pile at least 3 heavy books on top of your book (add a couple more for thicker flowers)
Leave stacked in a cool, dry space
Thinner flowers/petals will take 1 - 2 weeks to press/dry
Thicker flowers can take up to 4 weeks (with some exceptions, ie lavender only takes a couple)
Thick flowers: check every few days and move their page position if needed to avoid page dampness
After the time has passed, thin flowers should feel like tissue paper, and thick flowers like card
You may notice they have changed colour eg. white petals may turn cream and vibrant colours paler
Keep them as a keepsake or get creative! You could put them in frames, make cards etc
Don’t be disheartened if any haven’t come out as planned, it’s often a case of trial and improvement
‘Flower presses’ are available on Amazon too, as an alternative to books
Enjoy! It is a lovely mindfulness activity for adults and children :)