Propagate Baby Tears Plant
Pilea Glauca
Cup Or Glass Vial
Potting Soil
The Baby Tears plant is actually called a Pilea Glauca and is native to Brasil.
It grows long strands filled with hundreds of tiny leaves that are easy to propagate!
To propagate, snip off the ends of strands. Make sure you have at minimum 2 leaves on each strand you snip.
Remove the lowest leaves. Be careful not to break your cutting like I did! These plants are very delicate.
Put the strands in water and have the lower most set of leaves in the water as well because they begin to grow roots.
Roots will usually appear in 1 to 2 weeks. You will see them beginning to grow from under the leaves that were in the water.
Let roots grow until they are a few inches long or longer as you wish. I left these roots in water for about 2 months.
But once roots are about 2 inches in length they will be okay to be planted. Use a nutrientnrich potting soil to plant.
Water the soil when it has almost completely dried out. This works out to about twice a week. The growing roots in a dampish environment to survive.
You can test if the roots are set by giving the plant an extremely light/gentle tug. If you are met with any kind of resistance the plant has rooted!