Propagating Pilea Peperomioides
Pilea Peperomioides are also known as the pass it on plant or friendship plant because how easy they are to propagate!
Wait until your mother plant produces offshoots. These pups should grow until they are about 3 inches before separating.
The best time to propagate is spring/summer when the plant is actively growing. Fall and winter are okay but there is increased risk of failure.
Gently brush the soil away from the babies and using a clean knife or scissors, cut the pilea baby as close to the soil as possible.
When cutting, you want to snip off as much of the base as you can because this is part of its root system.
Place the root base of the pilea pups in water, and make sure they are in bright, indirect light.
Some leaves may yellow and die, this is normal. The plant just underwent some stress of being separated.
Be sure to change the water once a week. Fresh water keeps the roots healthy and prevents fungi from growing.
Be careful when handling the roots. They are fine, thin and can easily fall off. If this happens just put the pup back in water, more will grow.
Roots will start to grow in 1-3 weeks. They will grow at different rates, don't worry. Once they are over 1 inch long you can plant your pilea pups!
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