Put Your Mask Where Your Mouth Is Face Mask
Gather your supplies: disappearing ink marker is a must!
Metallic Gold DMC floss will add extra flair to your lip ring.
Put on your mask and pinch the fabric where your lips are.
Lay down your mask, pinching where your lips were, and draw on a mouth in the same spot.
Make sure to add your beauty mark and finish your mouth on the other side of the mask.
Grab your black embroidery floss and separate 2 strands out of 6.
Thread your needle...
...then fold it in half...
...and tie the ends together.
Now make a french knot for the beauty mark:
Bring the needdle up through the bottom of the fabric to start.
Now start the lips by starting in the middle of the top lip.
Coming down through the top left peak.
Then come up a stitch away...
...and go back down through the bottom center point.
Continue that stitch all the way around the mouth. (And redraw your mouth shape if needed!)
When the mouth is done draw a small crescent on the bottom left lip.
Now stitch the lip ring in metallic gold.
If you changed your lip shape it might look like mine...
...just rinse it with warm water, and a little soap, and the disappearing ink will...disappear!