Quick Full Body Workout With Pantry Items!
squats x 10 - grab a bag of rice or pasta !
"Kettlebell" swings x 15 - grab the same bag and squat with it, then swing up and squeeze the glutes out while you come out of the squat
Leg lifts x 10 - hold the bag at waist level and lift those legs!
Remember to do the other side 10 times!
arm circles - 1 min grab two cans of any sort you have!
Around the worlds - 1 min lift the cans up above your head and down 90 degrees to the right and repeat!
Reverse triceps dips - 1 min - bend knees slightly and straighten elbow to lift cans up behind you
Tricep dips x 15 - stack both cans or use any heavy bottle to lift it up through the elbows!
Front twists - 1 min - use any coffee can or bottle and hold it straight in front of you and twist!
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