4 Quirky Stops Along Coastal Maine
Reversing Falls in Pembroke is a strange phenomenon that consists of rapids seemingly going in the wrong direction!
You'll have to take a detour from the main roads. While it's not too far away, the gravel road and views like this make it seem like the boonies.
The pictures don't do it justice, but the subtle strangeness is neat. Supposedly seals and porcupines hang out around here, too!
Bar Harbor is a typical northern beach town and a popular place to visit for travelers passing through!
Be sure to get lobster if you're in the area! If you're on a budget, eat outside Bar Harbor to avoid the tourist tax.
After you get tired of looking at this harbor, you can visit Acadia National Park for a different type of view!
The Desert of Maine is a must-see! While it's not technically a desert, it looks like one.
Where else can you see tons of sand surrounded by a forest?
You can take a tour or do the self-guided option to learn all kinds of fun facts about the history of this "desert."
The International Cryptozoology Museum is such a quirky attraction!
In addition to Bigfoot, you'll learn about every other animal that may or may not exist (and even some that were proven to be real!)
Since the museum is in a trendy part of Portland, schedule your visit around lunchtime so you can eat at a fun selection of restaurants.
Learn more at mealsandmilemarkers.com/travel
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