8 Real Locations For FRIENDS fans In New York City! 🇺🇸
1) Greenwich Village/West Village: all 6 friends lived in New York’s Greenwich Village in downtown Manhattan.It’s full of quaint streets & townhouses.
Apartment 20: Monica, Rachel, Chandler and Joey lived in this building at 90 Bedford Street! Visitors can view the exterior that was shot in the show.
Central Perk: located at 199 Lafayette St. at the corner of Brooke Street, this iconic space features a coffee shop & the quintessential orange sofa!
Visitors may even try their hand at being Rachel during her waitress days behind the counter!
Chandler’s office: nobody knew his job, but he worked at the Solow Building on West 57th Street. It’s also featured in Sex and the City and Superman.
The Moondance Diner: Monica worked as a waitress in the real life SoHo diner, reimagined as a Fifties-themed restaurant. Sadly, it closed in 2012.
The Lucille Lortel Theatre: this West Village theatre was used during filming of three episodes in season 3. Joey falls for his co-star Kate here.
Bloomingdale’s: Rachel snagged a job at this prestigious department store! The original store on Third Avenue is a glorious Art Deco building.
The Plaza Hotel: the opening episode of season seven sees the gang going to celebrate Monica and Chandler’s engagement at the Plaza Hotel!
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