Realistic Owl 🦉 Painting Tutorial 🎨
Basic Supplies: wooden owl, flat brush, skinny brush, paints
With the flat brush, cover the entire owl with your choice of base color. This will be your owl’s main color.
Pick or mix a second color for the “belly” of your owl. I chose to make a tinted version of my base color by mixing green & white.
Using the flat brush, paint in a rounded “V” shape for the owl “belly.” Try creating a little bit of paint texture with short brush strokes.
With a third color, use the skinny brush to paint in more of a feathery texture on the “belly.” Use short, vertical brush strokes.
After cleaning off your brush, paint small owl feet(3 toes each) with the skinny brushy below the belly feathers.
Using your choice of brush, paint two large eye circles in the middle of the head. These circles should be the size of a bottle cap or a quarter.
With the skinny brush, paint smaller, white circles inside each eye. Take your time to make the eyes match!
Using your third color again, paint a thin ring around the edge of each eye with the skinny brush.
Pick a bright, contrasting color to use as your owl’s beak. Start with a “V” below the eyes and close it with a curve.
Finally, add tiny black circles (for “pupils”) to your owl eyes 👀 using the skinny brush.
Using your second color again, paint light feather lines along the tail, wings, and “horns.”🪶
To finish, you can add more feather 🪶 lines around the eyes 👀 & face.
BONUS: Add extra black details to the edges of the eyes and to the beak.
🦉 Owl done!
I hope you enjoyed today’s painting tutorial! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🤍🖤 -MsTran
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