10 Reasons To Visit Enchanted Rock
Check out hill country views from the summit of the pink granite mound that rises 325 ft up.
Breathtaking boulders all around! Be sure to make a reservation as the park will close once full.
Hike the 11 miles of trails through boulders, around ponds, and into all the nooks and crannies.
Scramble over huge rocks! In this part of Texas, we don’t have many trails that require your hands.
Rock climb! (Or watch from the bottom) Climbers from all over come here to explore climbing routes.
Be amazed at the scale! Tonkawa Indians thought Enchanted Rock had magical powers.
Go through the cave at the summit! Climbing into the cool, dark cave is your reward for summiting.
Become one with nature. The geology, legends, and natural beauty are positively mesmerizing.
Camp! We love hiking into the primitive spots but the park has sites near the parking lot too.
Hike Turkey Peak! So many people summit the dome and leave but the park has other amazing climbs.
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